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WellsWood update

Some RHINO members want more personal info and some ABSOLUTELY DON'T.  Here's an attempt to balance those interests.  Apologies to those of you who think this is WAY to self indulgent. 

Working on rhino!UP
note coffee cup close at hand

Adelaide Wells (grand niece)
congratulations to Dad Patrick and Mom Michelle.

Two Mother's Day Flowers

Red Trillium
 Virginia Bluebells

Nearly full moon
while she's snapping this shot the old man is hovering over her shoulder saying...this will never work.

Mrs. Wells survives the Arctic Vortex

George the Cat comes gift wrapped

Prize winning quilter and prize winning quilt

Wife Janet and the prize winning quilt that she made for daughter Ellen's wedding gift. (I helped). Janet also co-chaired the event and I was on the set up/tear down committee.

There's a bear in Peggy's tree

Janet says "it's a boy. There's photo proof is in the other snapshot."  Peggie says "I haven't gotten any work done all day for people coming over to take pictures. but if Tammie could have climbed the tree, she'd have taken him home."

Summer scene at WellsWood
Janet picked this site for us to build the house because of the wild sunflowers all around.  To get the full effect you have to click on the picture.

hint:  click on the picture to get a full size view

Building a strawberry bed
We have had no luck with strawberries three years running so this year's edition includes building a raised bed out of maple timbers and using clean (hopefully weed free) top soil.  Step 1:  cut 5-8' maple timbers in the woods and haul them up the hill to the garden site.

Splitting Wood
The big Elm tree by the road next to the house finally succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease so it had to come down.  The nice guys from Thomas Tree Service showed up with a bucket truck so they could trim out the branches that were entangled in the telephone lines and then dropped the trunk for me to cut and split for 2015 firewood.  So far so good except then it snowed and now the wood is as hard a rock. 

With enough hammers, wedges and hours I will get this done.
  PS:  After another hour of agony,  I decided to rip (cross saw) the logs because they WON'T SPLIT.

Arrival of the 2013 Xmas Tree

Our children are celebrating Xmas on Thanksgiving this year since they are unable to be here around 12/25.  Therefore we are doing our shopping and decorating this week.  I used the tractor to lift the live tree out of the back of the truck.  Then I lifted/slid the tree into the wash tub on the creeper and we pulled it up the ramp to the back porch and lifted it (100 lbs) on to my summer desk.  Phew...

Collected words and expressions
fruitloopery:  silliness
world + dog:  everyone

11/29/13 Daughter Ellen and partner Chris visit for Thanksgiving