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More about the people who contribute to the network and their outside interests

Profile:  Spencer Wells

Volunteer Community Manager

  1. Manage weekly updates of news and information about fair and affordable housing to each of the RHINO communities
  2. Publish the rhinoUP! newsletter weekly (with a lot of help from the RHINO members),
  3. Experiment with new real time and on line media (Google +, video, meetUPs).  Community Manager will try to avoid Facebook and Twitter but encourages other members to feel free to learn and share
  4. Provide free on line technical assistance to RHINO members around rental housing problems.  (On site consultation available, but costs money).
  5. Recruit new RHINO members (Community Manager is planning new experiments with Google Adwords) and other non traditional channels for reaching the "new renter"
  6. Encourage RHINO members to participate in their community discussions on line.  Moderate discussions when necessary to preserve focus and civility.
Education & Experience
Masters of Social Administration, Case Western Reserve University.  45 years of experience in rental housing rights advocacy with the Garden Valley Neighborhood House, the Cleveland Tenants Organization and the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio.  Retired from COHHIO 4/1/13


Family, firewood, gardening, reading, rental housing rights, riding the tractor, all things digital.  More here.

In addition to managing the RHINO network
Spencer also writes articles for Nonprofit Quarterly and is volunteer community manager for the Cleveland Lead Safe Network.
  Become a RHINO contributor
Why should Spencer have all the fun?  If you have time, for example:
  • newly retired  
  • between jobs
  • not overburdened by family
  • not already busy with your own advocacy work or
  • bored and need a 'hobby project'
Tnx to Batesville-Leesville Elementary for the graphic
Becoming a community manager or contributor could fill a gap in your life and pad your resume!

What does community management require?
  • moderate one of the online communities to ensure the quality of the sharing and protect member privacy
  • "scan the horizon" (on line news, interviews with members) to find material for weekly updates
  • keep the on line discussion flowing with questions and suggestions
  • create content in the form of research, original articles, graphics like logos, clip art or photos.
  • help recruit new RHINO members
What does a contributor do? 
  • Research and write about rental housing related issues that you find interesting.  We have a list of issues that need more research just waiting for you.
  • Provide technical assistance to RHINO members who have specific rental rights issues that fit with your expertise
  • Be a RHINO evangelist by sharing information about rental rights in Ohio on blogs, social media sites, and (even) in the mainstream media.  Especially if you have access or a knack for talking to renters who are not already engaged...we need your help!
  • Web design and curation:  making our on line presence prettier and more accurate
  • Shape your own contribution!  What would you like to do as a part of RHINO that strengthens our network?

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