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RHINO Evolves

From humble beginnings to humble outcomes in 4 short years! (2011-2015)

The basics: Mission, Objectives, Strategy

The mission of RHINO is to increase capacity of members to solve rental housing problems and to expand RHINO outreach, membership

RHINO's strategy is a philosophy that proclaims "what we learn, we share!"   The information RHINO shares is characterized as:
  • change oriented: RHINO says "when change is in the air open all the windows..."
  • crowd sourced: the real experts are walking the walk..
  • data driven: facts, not ideology drives the discussion
  • action oriented: just thinking about these issues is not enough

RHINO Evolves

In the beginning (2011-2013)
RHINO began as a project of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) in 2010.  When funding dried up in 2012 and program staff moved on, RHINO became a volunteer project of Spencer Wells. RHINO began as a network of "communities of interest" built around common perspectives.  Originally these included:
  • RHINO partners
  • RHINO providers
  • RHINO tenants
  • RHINO advocates
  • Inclusion Partners
2013 Changes: RHINO adds WorkGroups
  • Bed Bug Best Practices (2013)
  • Smoke Free Multifamily Housing (2013)
  • Utility reselling (2013)
  • Stop SB 349 (2014-15)
2014 changes
1. RHINO Partners will be challenged to become join in collaborative projects with RHINO.
2. RHINO Tenants on line community (tenant leaders, group members, organizers and activists) merges with RHINO advocates. 
3. RHINO Providers is RHINO's fastest growing and most active on line community. Strong client advocates are seeking technical support for their work .with rental households. RHINO will resume focus on http://solving.rhinohio.com as a tool for provider advocates.
4. Personal Outreach.  RHINO's Community Manager is planning new ways to reach out personally to prospective RHINO members. Watch for details on how that might work in 2015. Covering my travel and material costs is the biggest barrier to me spending more time in your communities.
5. What's News will be moving to the RHINO homepage. Both What's News? and RHINO's Facebook page will update daily with "ripped from the headlines" news about rental housing.
6. RHINO Community Manager coordnated COHHIO's Ohio Preservation Network.

2015 Changes/2016 Work Plan

Notes & Links