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Mid 2015 review

Most valuable content that I get from the RHINO network

local programs and projects Funding news State and Federal rental housing policy Analysis and opinion articles "How to" articles Meeting, event notices
Totals 13 8 12 8 10 3
percent of respondants (some voted for more than one choice) 76.47% 47.06% 70.59% 47.06% 58.82% 17.65%

I'd like to see more content about...
design and construction
I would like to see more content on solving rental problems and what to do after evictions.
examples of successful mixed income developments, what's happening with housing cooperatives across the state. keep on with covering trustfund and HUD .. even though I have little direct involvement with HUD activities now, some of our contract agencies do..
Successful ways in which other states and communities are collaborating to provide affordable, accessible rental housing. Ways in which federal funding could be used (CDBG, HOME, OHTF) to provide subsidies to address the affordable issue for those individuals with incomes lower than 30% AMI. I believe we are making much-needed progress in addressing the housing crisis, but we have to continue to collaborate in order to keep this issue in the forefront of our state and local representatives!
none: already doing a good job!
What's legal & illegal in a lease. Continue to be educated on Tenant rights and responsibilities.
Landlord/tenant law

RHINO up channel of communication

rhino!UP weekly newsletter RHINO website http://home.rhinohio.com Weekly updates to on line communities Individual questions to RHINO RHINO Facebook page Local meet ups (social gatherings for RHINO members within your local community)
Totals 7 5 2 3 3 3
Percent of respondents 41.18% 29.41% 11.76% 17.65% 17.65% 17.65%

How I use RHINO content

Read and learn, maybe apply in my setting Share with neighbors, co workers, program participants Respond to RHINO up stories Other:

Totals 13 10 4 We share some content in our local Home Think Tank group.
Percent of respondents 76.47% 58.82% 23.53%

I belong the to following RHINO on line communities:

RHINO providers RHINO tenants & advocates Inclusion Partners rhino!UP subscriber only

Total 7 7 6 2

Percent of respondents 41.18% 41.18% 35.29% 11.76%

Respondents in more than one on line community


I'd like to see less content about...
There is really nothing I would like to see less of. I think you do a great job covering everything!

housing problems in the gas rush counties

n/a - I love the content RHINO provides!

less repetitive content