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2015 Work Plan

2015 Work Plan is the package of goals, objectives, strategy, and tactics (GOST)
What are your suggestions for Action Steps?  How should RHINO implement the 2015 priorities? 

RHiNO's mission i
s to increase capacity of members to solve rental housing problems and to expand RHINO's membership.  

RHINO Objectives?  RHINO calls them priorities.  Members set  the Priorities annually

RHINO's strategy is based on sharing information about rental housing and depending on members to put that information to work.  Two strategic principles: 
  • What we learn, we share!
  • Members are the action arm of RHINO
Tactics (action steps) are "what we plan to do" in the coming year.  Here's some ideas.

Work plans for April-May-June 2015

1. working with cody in the gas counties

2. reach out to USDA properties that are at risk

3. identify HUD properties subject to 15-02

4. investigate Ohio laws around elder abuse

5. think about new ways to recruit new members; intensify all the "old ways".

Questions to members

1. Are there any activities that I should be addressing (over/above current RHINO goals?) http://home.rhinohio.com/welcome-to-rhino/about-us/2015-priorities/strategy

2. do you have problems when you visit http:/home.rhinohio.com when you visit using a small screen devise (phone, pad, other)?

Housekeeping Steps for 2015
1.  The RHINO goal "Choose" has become "Choose & Include".  This change brings together both individual home search with fair housing, and affirmative, inclusive policy making.  Weekly updates to the online community Inclusion Partners will capture many of these new developments in real time. 
Reorganize advocacy goal page  to reflect changes in RHINO priorities. 
3.  Reorganize the Tenants and Advocates on line community gets a new page that reflects the merger of 4.  Discontinue RHINO partners on line community and encourage partners to m
ove Partners to action oriented on line communities.


Rank 2015 priorities
1 Work to protect tenants rights in the Ohio General Assembly.
2a Promote programs that support the housing opportunities returning ex offenders (re entry programs and policies))
2b Fight for tenant consumer protections from data discrimination, mandatory insurance, rent scams and other rip off practices.
3 Support individual, group and community efforts to eliminate bed bugs from rental housing.
4 Continue to highlight the problem of rent burden and the practical consequences of rent increases.
5 Continue to research tenant civil rights issues: including banning, surveillance, guest policies, nuisance property laws.
6 Promote efforts by local jurisdictions and advocates to use housing code enforcement to improve living conditions for rental households.
7 Continue to support efforts to stop SB 349 and follow up bills that would restrict fair housing in Ohio.
8 Work to extend housing protections for victims of domestic violence to all housing in Ohio (follow ups to HB 297).
9 Work to preserve subsidies for tenants in USDA housing.
10 Educate housing administrators, providers and advocates around Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.
11 Monitor and publicize Federal tax reforms that affect rental housing and tenants.
12 Continue broadening the RHINO member base including more "on the ground" support for tenants organizations.
not adopted
Work on funding for the National Housing Trust Fund.
not adopted
Support individual, group and community efforts to eliminate lead hazards in rental housing.

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