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2014 Priorities

Thanks to all who participated maybe we all learned a lot and need to get to work to make some of these priorities a reality.
There's more on RHINO priorities at RHINO+

Here's the results of the polling on 2014 Priorities
RHINO Priorities for 2014
Thirty four members voted between 12/22/13 and 1/3/14

Priority Addressing the impacts of HUD realignment, or transformation Researching tenant civil rights issues: including banning, surveillance, guest policies, nuisance property laws Promoting best practices in the prevention and treatment of bed bugs Fighting for legislation to regulate utility reselling abuses Researching source of income Discrimination Researching tenant screening services and blacklisting issues. Promoting extension of the Protection for Tenants in Foreclosure Act in Congress Highlight the problem of rent burden and the practical consequences of rent increases. Broadening the RHINO member base Helping tenants cope with the growth of smoke free policies in multifamily housing. Researching tenant consumer rights issues including mandatory insurance policies and security deposit bonds and telecommunications choice. Promoting best practices for right of entry Promoting internetworking-new tools, new skills, new access, adding audio and video, improving graphics
AVERAGE 7.8484848485 7.6470588235 7.4411764706 7.2121212121 7.1875 7.1818181818 7.0882352941 6.9696969697 6.3529411765 5.6666666667 6.5 6.21875 5.2121212121
MODE 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 7 6 5
SCORE 16.8484848485 16.6470588235 16.4411764706 16.2121212121 16.1875 16.1818181818 16.0882352941 15.9696969697 15.3529411765 14.6666666667 13.5 12.21875 10.2121212121
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Member comments and suggestions
  • To somehow, figure a working way, to hold managers/landlords accountable to the lease, that they also sign with the tenant. Maybe through HUD, a penalty, reducing the need to go through the court process. Including disability rights
  • Please focus on any issue (and, there are several) which covers further encroachment on and lessening of personal/tenant rights and income.
  • I am very happy to see RHINO continue.
  • Sorry I left some areas blank. Not fully understanding the issues I couldn't answer. Hope to learn more in the coming year. The most pressing issue is realignment of HUD. Without adequate funding and properly trained staff for HUD, all other issues become non-issues.
  • We might want to address the impact on rent costs in areas with fracking. Rents are expanding past the ability of lower income folks to pay.
  • None at this time. Thank you for keeping us informed.
  • Enforcing Fair Housing Act
  • rino just being there to answer question's for your members and help from the higher up if needed in helping us tenants fighting for our rights.
  • Increasing awareness of all tenant/landlord issues through networking
  • We should be focused on The Basics. People are homeless( But not counted as homeless if they can stay on the couch of a friend?! Find away to find those statistics . Statistics, Statistics, Statistics :)People are hungry, suicidal, anxious, ill informed and don't know their BASIC RIGHTS. It has to start there. There is no way around it. I have people who like my page that would rent, knowingly, a place filled with Bed Bugs. Honestly. People need to be more informed and at their level. If I want to get through to people, I take Rhino's news and post one link that I copied and pasted so they Don't even have to open it. Social Media is " key" for the young adults. Young adults are a high risk for displacement with rent unattainable , high college debt, divorce, bankrupt from 2008, with no credit.