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RHINO is a network of people working on rental housing issues in Ohio
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The fact is that we all live and work in a small part of the world....small in geography (neighborhood, town or county), small in demography (same "types" of folks), and small in personal experience.   RHINO's strategy is to expand members' horizons, so we can see our communities and our work in larger contexts. An old saying in the social change world is "If you only have a hammer, then all problems look like nails." To that, RHINO adds: "When something is wrong in my little world, that's a problem. When we all have the same problem, that's an issue that calls for collective action."

RHINO doesn't have the financial and organizational resources to do direct advocacy around rental housing issues. Instead RHINO seeks to focus on information and inspiration that supports advocates in their efforts to reach for RHINO priorities.

Who's in the Network? 
  • Members make up the core of the RHINO network. Members share weekly updates, participate in on line communities and vote on issues, priorities and activities of the RHINO network.
  • Affiliates are people who have not joined RHINO, but who frequently share information and contribute to the effort.
  • Stars are members and affiliates who contribute information, content, suggestions and questions. 
  • Contributors are members and affiliates who take on projects for the network. Watch for contributor news as 2016 rolls along!
  • Workgroups are groups of members and affiliates who are working on a short term project or issue. Stop SB 349 was an active workgroup in 2015.
  • On line communities. Members may choose to participate in on line communities for Providers, Inclusion Partners, and Tenants and Advocates. On line communities are interactive. Members may send a message to all the other members of the on line community.
  • Affiliates are people who participate in RHINO through anoher network. Facebook contacts and members of other housing related networks like CAHA, OPN, AHA, HLL and others.
  • World + dog is everyone on the internet. RHINO's websites and Facebook pages are open to anyone with a search engine. RHINO welcomes your input.
  • Who is in charge? RHINO Community Manager (RCM) is the coordinator of the RHINO network. You can reach RCM at communitymanager@rhinohio.com

What are the priorities.

2016 Work Plan


RHINO will protect your personal information. 
Here's some basic principles 
  • RHINO will not share any identifying information that you provide (name, address, phone, email. circumstances etc) without your permission. 
  • RHINO may give a summary of a situation and use a "screen name" as a training tool.
  • If you provide your email address to a RHINO member in the course of a service exchange, the RHINO member may offer you an opportunity to join RHINO. 
  • RHINO will not buy email lists for mass solicitation. RHINO may use publicly published listings to make a single outreach solicitation for membership.
  • RHINO will periodically offer opt outs to network members and newsletter subscribers who have lost interest, changed job, retired.
  • RHINO will honor and comply with opt out requests at any time.
  • RHINO won't sell, share or expose your email address without your permission
  • RHINO on line communities are moderated to make sure that postings are on topic for the group. Off topic posters will be informed and counseled.
  • RHINO urges members of one line communities to use discretion in revealing the contents and identities of persons posting to a RHINO on line community. 
  • If RHINO screws up (everybody does now and then) let us know and we'll try to fix the problem.
If you have suggestions for additional privacy protections...let us know! you can write to:communitymanager@rhinohio.com with your comments and suggestions.

A word on our use of graphics
RHINO strives to use free and open source graphics on our website, but if we goof and use your protected material, please let us know by writing to communitymanager@rhinohio.com  
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Snail mail?
RHINO, PO Box 34, Carlton, Pa. 16311

How can I use info that I find on a RHINO webpage?
All materials prepared by RHINO whether they are in a members update or on a RHINO webpage are licensed under a Creative Commons license  Feel free to copy and share as long as you give credit to RHINO at http://home.rhinohio.com  You may not charge a fee for information you take from RHINO's Website, newsletters, weekly updates or other publications.  Thanks to PatriciaB for asking!

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