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Fair Housing Month: Do you know where your FH rights are?

1. A "protected class" under the Fair Housing Act was created based on:

a. Political correctness

b. History of being treated differently. Conservatives will tell you that "protected classes" are a political definition. Actually there's a lot of analysis of past history of discrimination that goes into making this designation. See #2.

c. US Constitutional protections

d. Social or political pressure

2. One of the following is not a "protected class" under US or State Fair Housing Law.

a. Color

b. Military status

c. Age is a protected class under fair employment law, where the practice of avoiding older workers is well established. In housing the opposite is true...seniors get preferential treatment by housing providers and don't need protection from discrimination.

d. Ancestry

3. Sexual harassment in rental housing is a form of housing discrimination.

a. True. Sexual harassment in housing can take the form of gender-based abusive language, intrusive inspections or sex-for-rent schemes. Often the problem with bringing a charge is the lack of evidence or witnesses.

b. False

c. Depends on gender of landlord

d. Depends on gender of tenant

4. LGBT households are protected from housing discrimination under one of the following:

a. Federal Law and state law

b. Federal regulation and some local ordinances. LGBT households are protected under Federal regulations for Federally assisted problems. Also local municipalities have added LGBT to their list of protected classes. Right now there's a bill in the Ohio General Assembly to add LGBT protections to the Ohio Fair Housing Act. And...there's progress in the Federal Courts on this issue. Kris K adds this info "The RHINO website provides answer “b” as the correct response; however, the Civil Rights Section of the Attorney General’s Office indicated in a presentation Thursday morning called “The Ohio Civil Rights Commission: Best Practices and Legal Updates” that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) now considers discrimination based upon gender identity to be prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex. See the attached slide from their presentation. This is a bit of progress for the OCRC. "

c. None of the above

d. Both of the above

5. "Source of Income" discrimination means:

a. Landlord has income standards for rental

b. Landlord won't accept third party payments. Landlords who don't accept Housing Choice Vouchers or rent payments from agencies may not be engaged in illegal discrimination unless your local municipality or state has Source of Income protections. By IRS regulations, owners of Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties cannot deny a voucher holder. Where tenant can show that an SOI denial is a smokescreen for denial based on a "protected class," the tenant may have a legitimate charge. Example: refusal to accept a VASH voucher could be discrimination based on "military status" in under Ohio law.

c. Landlord requires proof of ability to pay rent

d. None of the above

6. Disparate impact means:

a. Rental policies that are neutral on their face, but have the effect of discrimination. An example of disparate impact would be a policy of requiring homeseeker to have a high school diploma. This policy could have a discriminatory impact on persons with disabilities.

b. Rental policies that create barriers for unmarried couples

7. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is not a duty imposed on:

a. Local and state governments

b. Landlords or homeowners are not specifically covered by AFFH duties.

c. Federal grant recipients

d. Real estate brokers

8. The first US Civil Rights law was enacted in:

a. 1866 Civil Rights act of 1866 provides for equal protection of the law fro African American males

b. 1930

c. 1965

d. 1988

Inspired by ChrisM from Carroll County
posted April 9, 2017

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