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March 24, 1832 – In Hiram, Ohio, a group of men beat and tar and feather Mormon leader Joseph Smith.
RHINO motto for 2017--"Whether I rent or own, where I live is my home."
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Skinny budget proposes a fat lot of hurt

The Federal budget snapshot provided this week by the Trump administration is so bad that it's good. Now "Moderates" in the House and Senate will have an opportunity to take credit for fighting off cuts to beloved programs, thus saving their political "skins" in the 2018 mid-term elections. For example, expect that the Administration proposal to "zero-out" Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) will hit a brick wall of resistance as local legislators hear from local officials about the awful impacts on local communities. Your Congressional reps will fight like crazy to keep the cuts down to a "manageable" 50% and then claim victory. "We protected our communities from these awful cuts," they'll say...failing to mention that half of the funding is gone.

A little planning will make you a more effective advocate.
  • Tip one: Stop and think. Your message should be clear and defensible, reflecting local realities, and emphasizing costs vs. benefits. Mobilize your volunteers, not just your program participants or members.
  • Tip two: Speak with one voice about the needs of the whole community. Shilling for a single program leaves you open to a charge of being a "special interest." 
  • Tip three: Don't argue for your program against the others. This could happen when your rep asks: "Is Meals on Wheels more worthy than Low Income Home Energy Assistance? Which one should I save?" Your answer should be: both are more important than more tax cuts for the wealthy or more nuclear weapons
Posted March 19, 2017
Thanks to MikeF for the suggestions.

What do you want to do? 
Mary Clark responds to CityScape story on Slumlords in Cincinnati.
"As an agent with a background in rental housing, especially multifamilies, I have always wondered what we can do to bring standards to investment and how to mandate some kind of education for any entity or person planning on purchasing rental housing in Ohio. This is a complicated situation but the lack of education for prospective investors seems to be an important aspect which is overlooked." Read more here.

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