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Bundled Telecommunications is a new profit center for landlords in multifamily properties.  Is it legal?

What is Bundled Telecommunications

Three forms:
included in the rent or
mandatory surcharge to rent
management promotion

Is it legal?

Is it fair?

What 's News?

"Dear Landlord: Don’t Rip Me Off When it Comes To Internet Access"
     Susan Crawford writes in Backchannel "When building owners get kickbacks from big providers it’s the tenants who lose" in a story about how apartment owners cut deals for exclusive service from cable companies and internet providers.      
Ms. Crawford's story outlines many of the ways that property owners and internet providers collude to jack up prices and prevent competition in order to circumvent FCC rules. Techniques include: "door fees," exclusive marketing, deeding inside the internet wiring to the building owner.
     From the article "Network operators like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T, in cahoots with developers and landlords, routinely use a breathtaking array of kickbacks, lawyerly games of Twister, blunt threats, and downright illegal activities to lock up buildings in exclusive arrangements."
     Professor Crawford (Harvard Law School) says "...these shenanigans will only stop when cities and national leaders require that every building have neutral fiber/wireless facilities that make it easy for residents to switch services when they want to. We’ve got to take landlords out of the equation — all they’re doing is looking for payments...."
     RHINO asks: What about the Federal Trade Commission opening an investigation of these unfair trade practices? What about giving the FCC some "teeth" to enforce the principle of free choice of telecommunications provider.