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Fire Safety Materials

 BethM says:  "Hi,  I wanted to take a moment to express what a help your page was.  I am putting together some information for a fire safety and prevention program at the afterschool program where I work. Your page had some fantastic resources that will aid in putting together our program. 
This page was also one that I found helpful -  It focuses specifically on preventing kitchen fires and I thought you might be interested in adding it to your page."  Thanks Beth

 KeriW says: "My daughter, Reese, and I have been researching Fire Safety for a school project and came across your page...It was very useful to us so thank you for your helpful resources!  Reese and I came across another page that we used for the project,  The page has some great information on Home Fire Safety and we wanted to share it with you in case you were interested in including it alongside your other resources for other students to find. I love to hear your thoughts! :) Thanks again and have a wonderful day!"

They include:

National Fire Prevention Association tip sheets  Of particular interest to renters are the flyers on high rise/condo and manufactured homes.
Fire Department of New York City has a helpful summary of fire safety tips here:

Fire Safety Checklist (older adults)

Fire Safety Checklist VERY GOOD!

Victoria "Fire Safety Brochure:" see attached below

Paper - "An Inspection & Prevention Program for Multifamily Buildings"
*Was written as research project for the National Fire Academy's course re: Leading Community Risk Reduction (LCRR)

Article - "Fire Safety in High Rise Apartment Buildings"  See attached below
*Discusses unique safety problems in high rise buildings and their associated fire risk

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