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Community Safety

Getting to and from work, playing outside, visiting your's all part of COMMUNITY

A 'tough' neighborhood
You know what it looks like.  "the projects", "brick city" multifamily rental housing...right?

A tough neighborhood is where people are afraid to engage with their neighbors, with local officials and with community organizations.  Where church buildings are locked and businesses close at 5PM.  Where security guards are paid mininum wage to be suspicious of everyone who walks by.  It could be in a gated community in the suburbs as easily as in an inner city...

Here's some examples
Crime down significantly in public housing
Scott, a former Rome police officer, said that he’s conducted 88 conferences with public housing residents already this year in an effort to head off problems. He also gave a lot of credit to the various managers of public housing communities for their work to reduce turnover in the public housing neighborhoods.


 Making a safer community
means getting involved...not by carrying a gun, but knowing your neighbors, demanding services, and building 'smart' systems

Knowing your neighbors

Coordinated safety services that integrate community policing principles

Smart crime prevention strategies that pinpoint 'hotspots' and design for safety.

What doesn't work
Blaming "those people"

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