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Safe at home and in your community
Fire Prevention Week
October 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week. Every year, RHINO makes a pitch for members to work with their networks to increase awareness of fire prevention in rental housing. Here's some steps that RHINOs can take.

 There's 4 things you can do right now to make yourself safer at home

Protect your stuff (there are easy ways to identify and inventory your belongings and renters insurance can provide protection too.)  Many police forces have etching pens to help you mark your belongings.

2.  Work with your neighbors

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Start a crime safety campaign with your neighbors.
  • Coordinate with safety services that use community policing principles
  • Take advantage of Smart crime prevention strategies that pinpoint 'hotspots' and design for safety

3.  Prevent fires

4.  Remove risks from your household.

Model Project
Cincinnati Enquirer reports; "Over 300 apartments in Avondale will receive “safety bundles,” thanks to three local businesses. The safety bundles, which include smoke detectors, poison control magnets, and locks for cabinets and drawers, were donated by the Kohl’s Building Safety on Your Block Program. A portion of the safety bundles were installed Thursday by representatives from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; HCG Construction, a Cincinnati-based construction group; and The Community Builders, a Boston-based real estate developer that owns several properties in Cincinnati.            read the story here

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