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Tips for Managers

Make housing feel more like a community...

What makes housing feel like a community?
Communities are made up of working relationships between landlords and tenants based on:
  • fairness and accountability
  • open two way communication
  • treating tenants as customers who have a choice of where they want to live.
Management companies can support community stability by:
  • balance needs of tenants and the property maintenance
  • limit staff turn over
  • provide staff training in human relations, customer relations, and diversity

Manager pitfalls
1.  Not trained to work with people.
2.  Power trips.
3.  Lack of resources to do the job
4.  Lack of respect from higher ups.

 What steps can an owner or manager take?
  • create clear rules, enforce them fairly
  • focus on safety and security
  • respond promptly to tenant requests
  • publish a newsletter
  • provide opportunities for feedback
  • cooperate with tenants organizations
  • support tenant sponsored activities

Tenants what is management doing right where you live?
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 Notes & Links
Brian Carnahan and Allan Pintner inspired this web page.  Their article is attached at the bottom of this page

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May 16, 2012, 11:39 AM