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Negotiating the Lease or Terms

A Rental agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant; a lease is a form of rental agreement.

The Ohio Landlord Tenant Law says this about rental agreements

1.  Everyone has a rental agreement
2.  Landlords may include a landlord's duty into a tenants rental agreement
3.  There are specific terms barred from rental agreements
4.  A rental agreement may not be unconscionable.
5.  Tenants have the right to bargain collectively on the terms and conditions of the rental agreement (5321.02)

Here's some terms of a lease that might work for you.
  • Terminate on death or disability
  • Terminate on change of job
  • Energy Savings improvements
  • Longer term, smaller increase

What's News

October 18, 2016 Go Banking Rates has two good stories on negotiating a better deal
Maybe these stories could make you into a smarter housing consumers.

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