Pesticides in your home

Pesticides can be used safely, but tenants must be aware of what's going on

Pesticide ="POISON"

You should be careful about using poisons in your home and about letting management use poisons in your home. 
  • The New York Times reports that over 100 persons have poisoned themselves in an effort to get rid of bedbugs.  Times report is based on a study from Center for Disease Control.
  • RHINO staff believe that tenants in a HUD assisted development may have been exposed to illegal or misapplied chemicals.

Centers for Disease Control warns about use of outdoor pesticides to address bedbugs

Federal Trade Commission goes after Over the Counter Pesticide products.

What is IPM?
Integrated Pest Management takes a different approach to pest problems by integrating education, prevention and non toxic interventions into a program.

IPM's team approach is one way that it differs from conventional pest control. Each member of the IPM team plays a role in pest control—working together to make buildings great for people and bad for pests. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) suggests housing agencies manage pests using IPM according to PIH Notice 2011-22.

 Steps you can take to protect yourself

1If you are using an over the counter (OTC) product,
read and follow all the instructions.  Pesticides are poisons.  Not sure what's there?  EPA has a new database for pesticide labels.

If management or maintenance is using an chemicals in your home, tell them NO!

contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  Pesticide applicators must be licensed and pesticides in the home must be approved by the Department of Agriculture.  Tollfree: 800-282-1955

3.  If management has hired an extermination company, get the name of the company, then:
Check them out Here

On the left hand column under “online services” click on “licensed people search” and you can find applicators.

Only licensed exterminators can spray in your apartment

4.  If an employee of a pest control agency refuses to tell you what they are spraying, file a complaint with Ohio Department of Agriculture.  IT IS YOUR HOME, you have a right to know.  Tollfree: 800-282-1955

5.  Pesticide products for outdoor use maybe dangerous.

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THANKS to Dr. Ellen Wells and Stuart Greenberg for providing materials used on this page.