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Bugs, Mice, & Rats...Oh, my!

They don't pay rent, keep them out!

What's the issue?

Living with pests may cause health problems and widespread infestations. Once your home is infested, it can be difficult and expensive to resolve the problem. The issue is an even greater problem in rental properties and multi-family units where owners may not have the money or interest to help their tenants resolve the problem. This can lead to bad relationships with owners or managers. Both infestation and poor relationships with landlords put a strain on your housing stability.

What can tenants do?

Avoid the problem if you can: 

1. Keep your home clean & free of trash and clutter. Take the trash out regularly and be sure the trash is secured so that animals don't get in.

2. Keep bugs, mice, and rats from coming in by using screens in windows, closing doors, and sealing any unnecessary openings.

3. Store pet food on shelves not on the floor. 

4. Keep the area under the sinks clean, clutter free, and dry.

5. Work with your neighbors to control pests, especially in multi-family housing. 

6.  Don't feed the feral cats...or other wildlife.  If you feed birdseed, keep the area under the feeder clean to avoid attacting wildlife.  

If you can't avoid the problem: 

1. Identify the type of pest you have. There are different solutions for different problems. 

2. Report pest problems to your landlord or property manager in writing immediately. Keep a copy for yourself. 

3. Then, try to prevent attracting more of those pests while getting rid of the ones you have. For example, if you have mice, seal open areas and keep closed doors while using mouse traps and/or other means of extermination.

4. If all else fails, call a professional. For some pests, such as bedbugs, a professional is required.

5. Work with your neighbors to control pests, especially in multi-family housing. 
What's News?

Roaches from Hell in Canton
      Canton Repository reports on the roaches from hell. "The couple moved into the two-bedroom trailer just outside of Canton at 4401 Louisville Street NE, Lot 7, on May 1. But they say an infestation of roaches has reduced their living space to one room. The problem is so bad, Zurbuch said, she was forced to send her 11-year-old old daughter to live with her grandparents after the child began experiencing dizziness and breathing problems. Cockroaches don't bite, but they do transmit bacteria, viruses and disease through the spiny hairs on their legs, said Paul DePasquale, director of environmental health for the Stark County Health Department. The insects also are a major source of allergies and can exasperate breathing problems for those with asthma, dust allergies or seasonal allergies, he said, adding that cockroaches also cause people psychological and emotional distress. 
     Ms. Zurbuch told the reporter that "...she wants her money refunded so the family can move, but that their landlords won't return the security deposit or pay for extermination services." RHINO says time to contact an attorney. Otherwise you are a victim twice.

posted June 14, 2016

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