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Small Scale Development

Skipping Federal programs and Professional Developers in favor of starting small and local efforts to protect and create affordable housing.

 Small scale development includes
Accessory dwelling units (ADU) and granny flats
Community Land Trusts
Master leasing
Micro homes
Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH)
Nonprofit flipping?
Shared Equity

More News, Please....

January 19, 2018 The NYC Community Land Trust Movement Wants to Go Big
"A CLT is a nonprofit entity that stewards the housing or other buildings on its property by retaining ownership of the land—a unique ownership structure that advocates say help ensure the buildings remain permanently affordable. The model is also believed to promote democratic and community-driven decision making, with CLTs usually governed by a “tripartite board,” in which one third of members are residents of the property itself, one third live in the surrounding neighborhood, and one third are other stakeholders like nonprofits, elected officials, or funders."

January 18, 2018 Another wave of accessory housing stories 
When do ADU's make sense in Ohio?

June 7, 2017 Next City Millions of Affordable Housing Units Are Flying Under the Radar

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