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Still just a "demonstration"...maybe the future of public housing
Initial content on this webpage comes from a OPN meeting in July 2014.  Thanks to Matt Sutter, Doug Klingensmith, Ed Gramlich, and Patrick Costigan for preparing and presenting much of this info.  By asking good questions Leah Werner also contributed.

This webpage is under construction.  Check back in a couple weeks for more info...or follow the links in the right sidebar.  Thanks for your patience.

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) is a way for Public Housing Authorities to bring renovation funding to old projects...but there's much more that can happen.

RAD choices

RAD limitations

RAD in Ohio

 RAD News
12/23/14  HUD has issued a "blast" about the RAD program in light of the 2015 Appropriations bill.  Two key elements
All the proposals in the pipe can be approved, subject to re-review of the original submission
New proposals for up to 8000 units can be submitted to HUD.

HUD’s privatization scheme may herald end of public housing

10/18/14 HUD releases RAD statistics

7/17/14  Congress holds RAD expansion in limbo

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