Financial incentives

Developers often seek financial incentives to preserve or build affordable housing

 Who benefits? Who pays?

What's News in Financial Incentives for Affordable Development

Why are so many individual landlords forming LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations)?  Policy Matters new report explains the special tax benefits that flow to LLCs. From the article: "Repealing a tax loophole passed in 2013 that stipulates that owners of limited liability corporations (LLCs) don't have to pay taxes on their first $250,000 in profits. Anything above that threshold is taxed at 3 percent." Few who were watching Federal tax reform made the connection between "pass through income" and real estate investment. Do landlord tax breaks result in lower rents? Nope! Rents are determined by "the market," that is: supply and demand.
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posted: 7/1/18

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