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A new online community for rental housing advocates to learn and share
You can join RHINOadvocates here

RHINOadvocates offers weekly updates on public policy issues that affect rental housing and best practices which RHINO is researching and promoting.
In addition to weekly updates, you can respond to surveys, participate in on line discussions and suggest issues and concerns that need attention. 

Basic Principles
  • not too partisan
  • not too naive and not too idealistic
  • committed to protecting and expanding rental rights and fair and affordable housing programs
Weekly Updates include:
  • Issues we're following
  • How to influence public policy (a little inside baseball).
  • How to foster best practices
  • Case studies of social change
Your patience is protected since
community members are screened (no crazies allowed)
postings to the community are moderated by the community manager.

privacy is protected
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 How the community works.
1.  Postings are moderated by the RHINO community manager to assure that they are on topic and addressed to the whole community.
2.  Your identify is protected by the RHINO rules of privacy.

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