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At the intersection of housing rights and health and social service needs...

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Client advocacy and tenant advocacy
Providers don't need to be a tenant advocates, but you should be a client advocate and if your client is a tenant you should at least understand tenant advocacy.

Tenant advocacy is based on 3 concepts:
  • tenant is different than resident because tenants have rights;
  • tenants and owners have structural (not personal) differences of interests (not preferences);
  • collective action by tenants can balance socio-economic advantages of landlords
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In your practice
, do you offer a product or a change relationship?
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Are you working in Service Enriched Housing
RHINO needs to know more about your experiences.  Service enriched housing is a growing segment of the rental housing industry. Whether permanent supportive housing, service coordination, or family self sufficiency, service providers can experience conflicts between client/tenant needs and owner/agent expectations. Rental Housing Information Network in Ohio (RHINO) wants to know your experiences. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential, but a summary of responses will be published to the RHINO web site and Member Weekly updates as a way to stimulate the discussion of best practices. Take the survey.  Please share this survey with your coworkers.

Engaging tenants in solving problems where they live by stabilizing rental households, organizing tenant communities, preserving affordable housing and advocating for tenants rights. Your only Obligation is Participation; the benefits are community & synergy

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Inclusion and Stability
(planning programs for communities, not just households)

Solving Rental Problems

(how to...what to do)

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