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Inclusion Partners

Public officials, program planners and program managers, non profit housing providers and community stakeholders with an interest in fair and affordable rental housing in the communities where they live and work
Inclusion Partners  is a RHINO on line community

In many communities, Inclusion Partners are the "go to" people on housing issues. Learning more about the issues and what other communities are doing can build your credibility and increase your effectiveness. 

Many communities are being challenged to be more responsive to renter households. New regulations on AFFH, blight in the wake of the Great Recession, new demands from emerging protected classes (LGBT, DV, Reentry households), and the rental affordability crisis make your jobs more demanding and more critical.

Examples of IP weekly update content
  • Affordable housing preservation and development
  • Affirmatively Futhering Fair Housing
  • Healthy Homes
  • Housing Codes and enforcement issues
  • Mixed income development
  • Reentry policies and programs
  • Stabilizing rental housing

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