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Tenants & Advocates

RHINO Tenants and advocates:   issues, strategies & tactics, technical assistance with local concerns. Join the Tenants & Advocates on line community and participate in the discussion. 

What's your role in the tenants movement?
  • Leader Tenant leaders provide the structure and direction for tenants organizations.  There are two kinds of leaders-both are essential to a functioning organization.  Leaders are the servants, not the bosses, of their groups.
    • Task leaders set the agenda (direction) of the organization and "herd the cats" to take action
    • Social leaders make sure that tenants are involved.  Not all tenant can (or want to) come to a meeting so social leaders find other ways for neighbors to stay involved.
  • Group member:  Members participate in making decisions for the group and holding leaders accountable to the group members.  Members are the backbone of the tenants organization.
  • Organizer:  Organizers "own the process" of working together towards a common goal that is set by the members and leaders.  Organizers may be tenants or outside helpers. 
  • Activist:  A tenant activist may be a part of a formal organization or just an individual activist who is working on issues.
  • Advocate:  Advocates take on rental housing issues with and for tenants activists and organizations.  Sometimes advocates bring special knowledge (law, social work, public policy) and sometimes they just bring commitment and zeal.
New Years resolutions for RHINO Tenants and Advocates

1. Organize a “meeting” in your building or community once a month. A meeting doesn't always have to be a gripe session. Invite a guest speaker (eg. local politician, social service provider), hold a social event (movie night, bingo, pot luck, holiday get together)

2. Recruit at least 3 new RHINO members from your building or community or from other rental properties in your area.  Suggest RHINO membership to a social service provider who works with tenants. 

3. Share with other RHINO members by posting to the Tenants & Advocates on line community,

4. Distribute 10 copies of rhino!Up every week.  Post them on the bulletin board, slide them under doors, put them in the literature rack, email copies to your friends and family, pass them out at meetings,

5. Organize a project at your building or in your community. For example: coffee hour, community garden, building or community newsletter (or Facebook page or website), conduct a survey of repair needs, provide rental rights workshops or do eviction court monitoring.

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