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Surf safely

Surfing the internet can be done safely

Computer hygiene

No, I don't mean washing your hands before using your keyboard. I mean safe surfing. Avoiding things that can clog up your computer with malware and adware Result could be frustrating slow downs, or annoying messages sent from your hijacked email address or dangerous as in- theft of your stored info (passwords, social security numbers). It might make sense to learn about safe websurfing. Most public libraries have classes you can attend...maybe you can even get someone to come to your tenants meeting. Here's a summary of a recent experiment on searching for "free" stuff on the internet. I know that I'll be more careful when I put the word "free" in my google search box! What are your questions about making computers LESS FRUSTRATING?

Keyword Results AdWords Infected Files Threats Detected By Lavasoft AdAware

"free wallpaper" . 2/6 4/8 11 Adware, Adware Installer, Unwanted Programs, Misc.

"free screensaver" 8/10 5/9 191 Hijacker, Adware, Adware Installer, Unwanted Programs, Cookies, Misc.

"free games" 2/10 4/9 45 Adware, Adware Installer, Cookies

"free game cheats" 0/1 2/10 87 Adware, Adware Installer, Unwanted Programs, Cookies

"free word unscrambler" 0/10 0/1 0 N/A

"free e-cards" 0/10 1/10 0 N/A

"free lyrics" 5/10 0/4 608 Adware, Adware Installer, Toolbar, Cookies

"free music downloads" 5/10 5/9 835 Trojan, Adware, Adware Installer, Toolbar, Browser Plug-in, Misc.

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Basic rules

On line identity
If you use your email account for business, does your "handle" say too much?