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Email listservs

On line conversations around common interests

What is an Email Group?
Electronic mailing lists are usually fully or partially automated through the use of special mailing list software and a group address that is set up on a server capable of receiving email. Incoming messages sent to the group address are processed by the software and distributed to all email addresses subscribed to the mailing list.
adapted from:
  • Groups are built around specific interests
  • Groups may be open membership (anyone who wants to join) or controlled.
  • Groups may be open or moderated

There are many Email Group providers:

Examples are:
Yahoo Groups


Google Groups!overview

 RHINO uses Google Groups
to manage communications among RHINO members of similar in needs and interests
  • partners
  • providers
  • households
  • tnts
  • advocates (coming soon)
RHINO group membership is by application and invitation
  • community manager determines that an applicant is eligible for a group and asks Google Groups to send an invitation
RHINO groups are moderated
  • community manager reviews most messages sent to the group to insure that postings are
    • on topic (rental housing related)
    • relevant to the whole group (individual messages are rerouted to that individual) and
    • not abusive or in bad taste.