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By Laws-sample

By Laws is the agreement that you make with your neighbors about how you will run your organization

By Laws answer key questions about who you are as a group.
1.  Your name
2.  Who is a member
3.  When and where you meet
4.  How you make decisions
5.  How you select officers
6.  How you take care of your money
7.  How to change the bylaws
8.  How you remove and replace officers

Tips for making by laws
1.  Take your time so that everyone has a chance to participate
2.  Form a committee to outline the proposed bylaws
3.  Share the outline with your neighbors and invite comments
4.  Make revisions based on the comments and share it again and invite comments.
5.  When you're pretty confident that there is a basic agreement, hold an up or down vote.

Some more ideas (while you're at it)
1.  Resident management staff-can they be members?
2.  Make the rules hard to change, make the people easy to change.
3.  Rules of Order:  keep it simple.  It's not's your group.
4.  Are there unrepresented minorities who are excluded by the language, location, time of meetings, other barriers?  Find ways to include them.

 A sample bylaws
1. Name:
The name of the Organization shall be: _________________ (hereinafter, “the Organization”)
2. The Goals of the Organization are:
a. Represent the collective interests of the tenants of Building/development
name and residents of subsidized housing generally.
b. Improve living conditions at Building/development name.
c. Improve social relations among tenants.
d.  ___________________________________
3. Membership:
All tenants at Building/development name are members of the Organization. A
voting member of the Organization shall be any member who:
a. is over 18 years of age and
b. submits a membership application
4. Membership meetings
a. Will be held monthly at location at time on the Day, month .
b. Decisions of the membership will be made by a majority vote of the voting
members present after reasonable debate to allow for the development of
consensus positions before a vote is taken.
c. Special membership meetings may be called by the Council or by 25% of the
voting members acting by petition delivered to the Secretary of the Council.
d. Quorum for a membership meeting shall be ____ voting members present.
e. The members may consider any item of business that may come before them in a regular or special meeting
5. The Council
a. The Council shall consist of the officers elected by the members as described in Section 6 below.
b. The duties of the Council are: to organize and conduct meetings of the members and to carry out the decisions that the members make at a regular or special membership meeting.
c. Decisions of the Council will be made by a majority vote of the members of the Council who are present, with due consideration for the development of consensus positions before a vote is taken.
d. A quorum of ___ of the Council members is required before the Council can
make a decision.
e. The Council may appoint members to serve as appointed officers,. (eg Sergeant at Arms) or on committees at the pleasure of the Council.
6. Officers:
a. The Organization will elect officers from among the voting members of the Organization. Officers will serve one year terms. The officers and their duties are:
· President: Convene and chair meetings of the membership and the council and act as a spokesperson for the Organization.
· Vice President: Carry out the duties of the President in his/her absence
· Secretary: Keep records of all meetings, maintain a roster of members, and maintain the correspondence of the Organization.
· Treasurer: Maintain financial records and act as custodian of funds of the Organization.
· Trustees ( # ): Represent the interests of the members of theOrganization.
· Optional officers: ____________________________
b. Nominations to officer positions will be made at the regular monthly meeting of the Organization immediately preceding the Annual meeting. Any member of the Organization may nominate any voting member of the Organization for an
officer position.
c. Officers will be elected by the voting members of the Organization at the
Annual meeting to be held on the regular meeting date in the month of Month .
d. Election will be conducted by written ballot by a neutral third party. Results of
the election will be posted in conspicuous locations throughout the building.
e. Persons receiving the most votes in each position will be elected to the
7. Dues:
a . The membership may establish a dues structure for the Organization
b . No one who is otherwise eligible to be a voting member of the Organization will be denied voting membership because of the failure to pay dues established by the Organization.
8. Removal of officers and filling vacancies among officers
a. Officers may be removed from their positions by a majority vote of the members attending a regular or special membership meeting if members are
given notice of the issue at least 24 hours before the meeting.
b. In the event of a vacancy on the Council, a replacement will be selected at the next general meeting to fill out the remainder of the term of that position.
9. Amendment:
These by-laws may be amended by 2/3 of the voting members attending a regular or special membership meeting, if members are given notice of the issueat least 24 hours before the meeting.

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