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RHINO asks

How does your group score?

          1 Is your tenants group a bona fide organization?
         organizing committee
         bona fide election
         bona fide election II

2 Do you provide tangible benefits for members and neighbors?
safety audit
safety patrol/neighborhood watch/monitor police calls/ doors/grounds
sports, concert tickets for members
social event: coffee time
create tenants handbook
operate tenants newsletter
lease education program
screening prospective tenants
enhanced terms: house rules, utility allowances other charges
accessibility audit
health education pgms/health fairs/screening
Pest management training
Dispute resolution program

3  Do you provide economic development to your members and neighbors?
food: surplus, bulk purchase
computer center/in house wi fi
vending machines
sponsor bulk cable
jobs service
thrift store/regular material exchanges/neighborhood economy

4  Do you enhance citizenship of members, group.

candidates nite
public policy advocacy
civic participation: attend council meetings, guest speakers
representation on civic groups: housing trust fund, police civilian review
attend conferences & trainings
participate in local coalitions
sponsor festivals and events with outside/public participation
Voter registration, education, mobilization

What is a bona fide tenants organization?

  • Active:  meets regularly
  • Democratic: Majority rule, minority rights, consensus whenever possible
  • Inclusive:  All tenants at the property are welcome to participate
  • Independent of management-management participates when invited.

to see the guidance from Secretary Carol Galante, click on the attachment at the bottom of the Organize page

 How to use the benchmarks?

You can rate your group's level of progress by using this scale.

You can get ideas for new projects and activities that will enhance your groups value to the members.

Remembers that your members CHOOSE to participates, they are not volunteers, not employees!

Members will choose to participate if they get REAL benefits in the SHORT TERM