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Social Media

Organizing tools can help solve problems, try new things

Does your group use Facebook to mobilize and organize?
   Facebook (FB) provides an easy way for provider, tenants and advocates groups to stay in touch with their communities. Providers can share helpful info. Leaders can encourage involvement in meetings and events.   Advocates can "raise consciousness" about rental rights. Keep each post simple. FB favors short, graphic, and to the point info...not rants or long explanations. 
    Graphics (pictures) are important, maybe critical. Photos and artwork are eye grabbers that can draw people in to the message. Almost everyone has a camera on her/his phone. Take snapshots of people, events, posters. At RHINO's FB page the main photo is a snapshot of RHINO member PattiI's door hanging with a message of activism.  Photos can help viewers see their ordinary surroundings in new ways. 

The hand written sign on the broken laundry machine telling you to take your laundry into town has more impact as a photo on the internet. Personal outrage is shared by showing the photo.   

If you are using photos of recognizable people, you should have their permission to use the image.  You can find royalty free artwork here 

    Remember that the group's Facebook page is all about the group and the members...NOT YOU. Your personal FB page is where you can post your selfies, babies and kitties. 

High impact, low cost-use Facebook to communicate with your community
Here's some tips from Non Profit Tech for Good.  RHINO wil be studying this article to improve our FB presentation.  How about you?  Does your housing advocacy group or organization use FB?  Share your tips by hitting hitting "reply".
Read more here:

 Other social media you can use

Blogging.  You can create your own blog site or use RHINO to create a blog for your group or issue.

Google Sites to create your own webpage for cheap or free.  There is some learning required.  RHINO can help.

On line petitions

On line survey

Social media tips
  • Find out what social media are already being used by members of your organization or community.  They will be the backbone of your social media campaign.
  • Post links to your media when you comment on other sites. 
  • Social media are interactive.  Ask readers to add comments, share the link with their networks or become members.  Take them up the ladder of engagement.

  • Post frequently.  Being an activist means being active.
  • Respond promptly when someone asks a question or offers a comment.  Your response will show you care.

Owners are using social media for marketing their buildings.

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