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Targeting your message

While speaking truth to power, better understand your constituency

Who rents nowadays?
Back in the olden days of rental advocacy, the audience for rental rights stories was low income and minority households which were locked out of "The American Dream".

Now that audience is much more diverse and includes
  • Seniors (empty nesters and aging baby boomers)
  • Mobile urbanist millennials
  • Former homeowners displaced by the Great Recession
  • Tech workers for whom employment means mobility 

  What's News?

October 23, 2016 Zillow has a new profile on today's renter
Zillow, the real estate site, has a new profile of today's renters. young (average age 32), lower/middle income (avg. $37.5K/year) and looking for a single family house (48%). 
Lots of other info and great graphics.


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