Strategies & Tactics

How organizations make change

Distinguishing Strategies and Tactics
Strategies are long term over all approaches to solving a problem. Tactics are short term.

Four General Strategies
1. Hearts and Minds
2. Get them by the genialia and their hearts and minds will follow.
3. Get what you needs and let them take the credit
4. Educate to neutralize or marginalize the opposition.

A theory of change
Social psychologist Kurt Lewin is most often remembered for saying "there's nothing more practical than a good theory." In that spirit RHINO offers Dr. Lewin's Force Field Analysis as a model for social change.

Some false distinctions
Conflict vs. Consensus
Legal vs. Grassroots

Select strategies that build on your strengths

Examples of strategies (to mix and match to your needs)

  Tactics mostly derive from Alinsky

Some basic principles