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A project is an activity that improves your social cohesion

Projects help a tenants organization expand its appeal to people who care more about social needs than issues.

Unlike a mass organization, projects can be operated by a small group or committee and will appeal to a portion of the whole rental community.  

Projects provide opportunities for members to build their skills and confidence so that they will be better members in the long run.

More important, projects carry out activities that benefit the whole community, not just a few.

  What are examples of projects?
  • bingo, table games, puzzles
  • coffee hour (fund this with a donation, provide a time for neighbors to meet and socialize
  • community gardens
  • food programs
  • movie night: borrow a DVD from the local public library, pop some pop corn. 
  • neighbor watch:  door hangers and friendly check ins.
  • news:  create newsy bulletin board, newsletter, email listserv, facebook page, website
  • playgrounds
  • recycling programs:  reduce litter, make a little money on cans.  Walkabout: Big push is on to spread recycling in Pittsburgh apartments 
  • security patrol:  who's in the building?  checking exit doors to make sure they are not propped open.
  • social events


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