On line Networks

What if your community is too busy or too dispersed to participate in real space or real time?

Sometimes your neighbors aren't able to meet and share at one time. 
Work and school schedules, family duties and personal pattern can keep tenants separated even when they are living in the same building or community.

Sometimes folks who share your interests and concerns are in different locations
and won't be able to see you when you cut thru the lobby or see your flyer posted over the mailboxes.  What then?

The Connor Group campaigns
NY PH Tenants
Lawson Garden Campaign

does everyone you want to reach have access to internet resources?
information overload
meet the needs of the audience, not the author!

 Create an online presence ("pull" strategies)
where folks who share your interests and concerns can find you
Reach out to potential allies, supporters, friends
"outreach strategies" include real and virtual efforts to find your allies.  "Linking" is key.
  • cross posting on other websites
  • on line advertising
  • links in print and on line documents
  • harvest and preserve contacts
Keep "virtual" neighbors informed
"push strategies" are the virtual equivalent of flyers, posters and newsletters.
  • twitter alerts
  • list servs

Use webtools to get supporters engaged
online petitions

Notes & Links

some key terms
on line
push and pull tactics
real or virtual