social/educational activities

Use social and educational activities to bring tenants to collective action

Too many folks are waiting for someone to save them from their plight...

Too many people complain to each other ("venting") instead of working on solutions

You can use social and educational activities in your community to help your neighbors get ACTIVE around their problems or concerns.

Active means:

 What can you do?
1.  Bring in a speaker. 

  • local elected officials, health department, jobs and family service, area agency on aging
  • legal aid (for some reason they can't take your case but they do have time to come to your meetings...
  • local radio, tv, newspaper personalities (especially in smaller communities...)
2  Refer neighbors to a RHINO partner or COHHIO Rental Information Line 888-485-7999.

3Teach your neighbors how to file complaints
  • overcome fear of written complaints
  • help with the writing
  • guide them 'up the ladder'
4. Start a petition or a sign on letter
  • model petition
  • on line resources

5.  Create a community bulletin board
or start a newsletter or email group within your building
for information sharing.  Just a few simple rules (no obscenity, no personal attacks) and you can have a place to share info.

6. Start a social activity where neighbors can meet and share
A regular time when folks can get together (coffee hour, free movie night, bingo or board games) where neighbors can meet and get acquainted. 

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