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Combatting Interference with Tenant Organizing

Interference is different than opposition

Interference can come from management or from tenants

Sometimes tenant interference is promoted by management

 HUD regs can help...USDA regs not so much; Ohio Landlord Tenant Law...not at all

Non profit owner faces charges of interference in a tenants organization in DC. 
Tenants at DC's Park Southern Apartments are objecting to management interference in their tenants organization.  Owner claims she's a resident.  Washington Post reports:  In 2004, Scott moved to Park Southern, where she became board president and her daughter, Bonnie, became vice president. The pastor, according to the tenants’ lawsuit, dismissed the building’s manager and hired another company, which then appointed Scott resident manager. Her compensation included the rent-free apartment.  Referring to the building’s problems, Scott said she has worked to make needed repairs. But Park Southern’s financial difficulties have made that nearly impossible. Every day, she said, has been a monumental struggle. Here's the RHINO questions:
  • Is HUD involved in this struggle in its own backyard?  Seems from the article like the City of Washington is pushing the case forward.
  • Who is looking out for the taxpayer's investment in this affordable housing? 
  • Did this situation get lost in the shuffle as the HQ office went through reorganization?