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Go Media

Tell your story to a wider audience in order to highlight injustice or incompetence and to build support

Going "media" is not like going "postal".  Using the media is not a good way to get revenge, but it is a good way to highlight injustice or incompetence...and to build support for a change.  Here's what you need:
1.  A nice clear simple story and a single message
2.  A human interest angle
3.  A sympathetic ear in the media

The care and feeding of reporters
1.  reporters will check behind you-make sure you have the facts
2.  an unsympathetic media contact can twist your story to make a different point-especially "opinion" writers
3.  be ready for push back
  • SLAP suits are rare, but serious
  • Management that you criticize will criticize you back-it could hurt
Get help in your media campaign
Everyone who consumes media (TV, radio, print) thinks it looks easy, but there's a knack.  You can find help from
other organizations that use media effectively

 Elements of a media "hit"
use multiple channels
  • Print
  • Social
  • Radio & TV
  • Special needs
Recycle effective messages
Quick hitting and drilling down
Celebrities bring eyeballs.

Public Health Institute has a good primer on framing a message for the media
Pithy, not pissy, makes a better communicator

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