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Story telling examples

News media are also opinion leaders. Advocates can help them find their ways to the "meaning" of a story

Housing advocates can help the Dispatch find solutions
Columbus Dispatch should be commended for identifying income inequality as a fundamental problem in the capital city and should get a second commendation, for showing how social problems like evictionaffordable rent, and lead poisoning grow out income inequality. 

However, the Dispatch leaves readers (aka citizens) practically clueless about how to solve the social problems which it identifies. Instead it quotes heads like Celebrity scholar Richard Florida who is flogging a bookj and local and state politicians arguing for raising the minimum wage. Where are the concrete steps towards a solution? 

Advocates can help move the Dispatch from abstract discussions of problems to concrete solutions.

1. Write an op-ed about your idea for addressing a social problem. Cite examples from other similar cities. Example: Tenants can't find housing with vouchers, why not consider SOI like Pittsburgh did.

2. Write to the reporter to offer suggestions of ways to address a problem. Lead poisoning causes household instability? Example: Look at solutions being tested in Toledo.

3. Push editors and writers to cover events that highlight solutions. Pointing out examples of civic engagement helps to promote others to undertake change efforts. Here's an example from the Repository.

When the Dispatch editors ask the question "If we remain divided, can they achieve the American dream" the door is open for advocates to use the forum for promoting solutions. Be relentless. Promote alternative news outlets 

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