Opponent strategies

Anticipating what your opposition will do to win will help you anticipate and counter their moves

Watching the Oil and Gas Industry use a hearts & minds strategy, ie.  the industry wants the public and decision makers think that the industry serves the community's needs.  "We're just like you."

  • Ignore bad news-by not engaging
  • Enlist opinion leaders (public officials, media, civic leaders, teachers)
  • Spend lots of money on high visibillity "safe" causes
  • Avoid touting local winners.  Don't use local millionaires or compliant pols to tell the industry story. 
  • Control local media-convergent interests, paid stories, alternative media streams
  • Marginalize advocates as "misguided" 
Counter tactics
Without access to local media, rrely on face2face, facebook, non local media

Attack local people
Use “canned” stories rather than local,
Ignore data for sensationalism-truck wrecks, earthquakes, explosions, illegal aliens;

marginalize advocates by making them argue outside their experiences and rely on the truly paranoid instead of the vital center