Engaged Activists

By fighting for your own rights, you can benefit your neighbors

When you can't find consensus for collective action, you can fight for your own rights and win benefits for your neighbors who are unable or unwilling to fight for themselves and each other.

Downside is:  Engaged activists can become isolated and stigmatized. 
With out a group that has your back you are likely to hear:
"you're just making trouble for all of us"

"no one else is complaining

 Some examples of peer advocacy
  • Charlene's campaign against dampness
  • Rose fights for privacy rights and relocation benefits
  • Mark opposes oppressive bedbug rules for family members.
  • SusieQ stops removal of safety devices

Minimizing the downside
1.  Develop credible allies:  local public officials, other community leaders

2.  Keep communicating your your neighbors.  Let them know what you're doing.  That way management can't start a whispering campaign against you.  Your story is already 'out there'.

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