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Inclusion Case Studies

Ohio has many stories of inclusion and exclusion

Legacy of Exclusion
 Cincinnati's Lincoln Heights subject of national attention
    Cincinnati Enquirer reports:  "The Atlantic published an article Monday documenting the rise and fall of the Lincoln Heights.  'The Destruction of a Black Suburb' by Alana Semuels recounts the formation of the northern suburb as a one of the first 'self-governing African American communities' in the country.  Semuels goes on to say racism, the loss of nearby manufacturing jobs and the other factors led to the community current problems that have resulted in abandoned elementary schools and the disbanding of their police department."
    Lincoln Heights was created to house African American workers at manufacturing facilities located just across the freeway.  This is an object lesson in the history of community & economic development efforts that created and maintained economic and social segregation.  At least four HUD assisted properties are located in this small area. 
    The growing recognition of the need to "affirmatively further fair housing" following the decision in Texas v. Inclusive Communities and HUD's new AFFH regulations comes too late for the residents (renters and homeowners) who invested their lives in places like Lincoln Heights and East Cleveland.
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