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Protected classes

Why are there protected classes in Fair Housing Law?

Protected Classes were created under the Fair Housing Laws because of HISTORIC DISCRIMINATION. 
Over the past two centuries of American history, certain classes of people were treated differently in real estate transactions because of their demographic characteristics ...not because of behavior.

What are NOT protected classes?
  • Senior and older adults  (however over 55 and over 62 housing may be permitted)
  • Smokers
  • Source of income, eg. Housing Choice Vouchers. 
  Federal Protected Classes
National Origin
Gender/Female headed households
Familial Status

Ohio Protected Classes: Ohio's Fair Housing Law (ORC 4112) includes all of the Federally protected classes and two additional classes.
Ancestry: ancestor's country or region of origin.
Military Status: active duty, reserve, veterans of military service in the US.

Other protected classes: Federal regulations recognize protections in Federally assisted housing for two (maybe three) demographic groups. A number of cities have enacted local protections for LGBT households. A couple of cities have enacted Source of Income protections. 
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT). Broad protections against discrimination and difference in treatment in Federally assisted housing.
Victims of Domestic Violence. Protections from termination, re admission to Federally assisted housing. Special provisions for termination of an abusive family member.
Returning Citizens: HUD is tiptoeing towards protections for former inmates and persons with arrest records. See more here.

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