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Tenure changes

Your interest in the property where you live

Tenure is the set of rights that you have over the property where you live.  In the US we're used to two forms of tenure:  Homeownership and Renting

Changing times and changing needs are expanding these choices

Jeffery Lubell has speculated on some of the ways that rental could be more stable and tenants could have more security than "if you don't like it, move"
...there are forms of tenure that fall on the spectrum between owning and renting, but they are not well known to the general public and not as widely available as they should be. Investing in these strategies, which are sometimes grouped together under the label “shared equity homeownership,” would broaden the diversity of housing choices available to individual families and also represent a way to stretch scarce public subsidies further.

An model project in Cincinnati provides renters with "shared equity" from their rental housing.

Go Loud with Shared Equity
Advocates for shared equity homeownership have been talking for years about “going to scale.” Many people have been working diligently to assemble the prerequisites of policy, program, and finance needed to achieve this worthy goal.  Another piece of the puzzle is often overlooked, however, despite being comparatively easy to reach.   More trumpets. More noise. You can’t go big without getting loud.

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