LL using Government

When landlords can use government to protect their private property rights...somethings not right in America

Ohio Senate Bill 29 would make the State of Ohio the collection agency for private landlords.  Can you imagine any other situation where a private business hires a government agency to support it's private profit? 

well...maybe-here's some other examples the RHINO has come across.

 In Arkansas not paying rent is a criminal offense
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In Carrollton Ohio, the landlord faxes his 3 days notice to vacate (notice from the landlord to tenants BEFORE an eviction is filed) to the Carrollton police department and an armed police officer delivers it to the tenants.  Landlord told the RHINO, "tenants get the message when a man in a uniform and gun shows up at the door.  They just leave..."

What's your example of government aiding landlords?
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