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Renter Nation

The demographic changes that are moving US households towards urban rental lifestyles are changing the social dynamics of the nation

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April 16, 2017 More Renters Put Moving Plans On Hold Even As Financial Optimism Grows, Says New Freddie Mac Survey
"More renters are optimistic about their financial situations and expect to stay where they are even if their rents increased, according to new research released today by Freddie Mac .... Meanwhile, a declining number of renters say they are working toward homeownership, expect to buy a home, or move within the next few years. According to the latest Freddie Mac renter survey [PDF], renters today are also saying renting is a good choice for them, expect renting to stay affordable, and would move into a smaller rental unit to be closer to a city. While sentiments differ among urban, suburban and rural households, nationally those saying they expect to rent their next home increased to 59 percent from 55 percent since Freddie Mac's last renter survey in September 2016.

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