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Using legal tools to clear your (minor) criminal background

What is Expungement?
Wikipedia says:  In the common lawlegal system, an expungement proceeding is a type of lawsuit in which a first time offender of a prior criminal conviction seeks that the records of that earlier process be sealed, thereby making the records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. If successful, the records are said to be "expunged". Black's Law Dictionary defines "expungement of record" as the "Process by which record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state or Federal repository."[1] While expungement deals with an underlying criminal record, it is a civil action in which the subject is the petitioner or plaintiff asking a court to declare that the records be expunged.

In Ohio expungement is covered by ORC 2953.32

For employment problems CQE could help.

Expungement clinics abound

Hamilton County Public Defenders Fresh Start
HOURS:  1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month  1pm – 4pm   No appointment necessary, but please bring a copy of your adult criminal record. Public Defender’s Office  230 East 9th Street, 3rd Floor Cincinnati, OH 45202 513-946-3700    More info here 

Stark County has an expungement clinic that is a collaboration between Community Legal Aid DJFS office. People can apply for it through CLAS helpline - 800-998-9454

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Jul 26, 2016, 8:27 AM