State Budget 2017

Rep Merrin's attempt to stop Toledo's Lead Safe Housing Ordinance was defeated by a coalition of tenant activists

Stopping Pre-emption in the 2017 State Budget

What can you do?
1. Call or email State Senators with the message: we want you to remove lead poisoning pre emption from the budget bill.  I'll have some talking points posted shortly and send you the link.
2. Contact your local newspaper to alert them to the threat of local pre-emption. Even though Toledo is the target, the amendment could cover all local governments and agencies like schools, public housing authorities and private agencies with pass-thru funding from cities. See talking points in the right column.
3. Contact local elected officials. In addition to the talking points in the right column remind your local officials that this is another stab at home rule. Until local officials stand up to the overlords in the Ohio House, "home rule" protections will always be at risk.

After Action Report-what worked
1. ODH worked behind the scenes to tell Senators they did not want this authority.
2. Universal condemnation by editorial writers (see side bar).

Follow the Issue in the News

May 14, 2017 Columbus Dispatch Ohio House proposes to turn over all lead enforcement to the State
After all they've done a fine job so far, right?  The Blade reports: "State orders unsafe homes in Toledo vacated due to lead Families unaware; Official says health dept. is addressing its ‘deficiencies’"     
Tell your state senators to remove Lead Pre-emption language from the State Budget Bill.

 Notes & Links 

Rep Merrin has a new op/ed in the Toledo Blade