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Opposition to housing reforms

Who opposes housing reform efforts

 Who's FIRED?

Finance, Investment, Real Estate, Development *FIRED industries work in lockstep to block progressive housing legislation

Ohio Association of Realtors

Ohio Apartment Association

Real Estate Investors

Opposition tactics
Delay and obfuscation
Initiative and Referendum

 What's News in the Opposition

July 13, 2018, Politico. "Bankers poised to pour money, ads into contested races.  Republicans and Democrats facing competitive midterm races this year are getting an early burst of support from bankers, who are riding high off the passage of a sweeping financial deregulation bill. The American Bankers Association, which has spent months overhauling its political operations, for the first time is running television ads in support of incumbent lawmakers from both parties who have backed industry-friendly policies.
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Hot issue: Opposition to housing reform
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Posted:  July 15, 2018

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