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HUD rent increase and work requirements

Should housing subsidies be treated like "welfare" or as an entitlement like foodstamps, EITC, or Social Security/SSI?
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 On April 25, 2018, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson announced proposed legislation to increase HUD tenants rents and impose work requirements

History of the Brooke Amendment
In seeking to increase HUD rents, Republican elected officials are turning their backs on their legacy. Republican Senator Brooke pioneered the percentage of income formula that bears his name and a Republican dominated Congress enacted this requirement in 1969 under President Nixon.

Work Requirements for HUD tenants?
Those who can work are working already.

Housing Assistance should be an entitlement!

What's News?

"202,300 Ohio households will see an average increase of  $740 per year. Even if your program participants aren't getting HUD rental assistance, they know someone, a loved one, who is."

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