HUD transformation

Realignment of the Multifamily Division of HUD is complete. 
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Who's where in HUD Great Lakes Region
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Contacts at Assisted Housing Services Corporation

Mr. Nick Davalla, State Manager    Phone number:  (216)-416-5399


Mr. Mark Pasco, Columbus Area Manager      Phone number:  (614) 880-2224


Mr. Ken Nicholson, Cleveland Area Manager   Phone number:  (216) 416-6440


Ms. Andrea Hampston, Customer Relations Manager (Resident Call Center)



What's News?

September 22, 2017 "Ben Carson: We're changing HUD from a bureaucracy to an efficient organization." 
     From an op ed in The Hill "Among the tidbits: "Reimagine the way HUD works: These reforms are internal and process-based. We want to organize and deliver HUD services more effectively to the American people, which means enhancing the working conditions and training at HUD itself, while eliminating improper payments and waste, fraud and abuse." the 1990's HUD was "reinvented" and in the 2010's HUD was "transformed" and now "reimagined."

November 5, 2015 HUD says 'troubled properties" are slipping through the cracks. At the National Preservation Working Group meeting in DC, HUD staff admitted that REAC scores are not catching really troubled properties that end up in the news. Part of the problem is that HUD has not conducted Management Operations Reviews because of the breakdown of the Performance Based Contract Administration system. The HUD officials said they were working on a solution to these problems.

October 2, 2015 HUD employee morale on the rebound Washington Post reports: "In recent years, HUD has ranked at or near the bottom of the annual government survey of how federal employees feel about their jobs. The agency had a wave of retirements with no clear succession plan; workers expressed little confidence in their leaders. But this week, the agency had some good news and plaudits from the government’s acting personnel chief, Beth Cobert. While it still ranks in 32nd place on the important measure of how engaged employees are with their jobs, HUD took big steps forward this year, raising the “employee engagement” score by 5 points to 62 percent from 57 percent." Best suggestion from the story-more face to face between bosses and staff.

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