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Eviction and direct action

Outside of Ohio, some groups are organizing to assist the evicted using tactics that were formed in the past decade to stop foreclosures. 

In Detroit a mass foreclosure of 62,000 homes for back taxes and water bills is scheduled for March 31st. A national housing rights organization, Right to the City, is organizing nationwide protests. In San Francisco activists have set up the Anti Eviction Mapping Project to show city officials where lower income tenants are being pushed out of neighborhoods by upper income households. In this case the goal is to highlight the need for more affordable housing and renter protections. SeaSol (Seattle Solidarity Network) uses confrontation tactics in support of tenants and workers faced with unfair conditions.

What is direct action?
 Eviction self help movements seem to have grown out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but have taken on a life of their own in many cities. Other activists are using advocacy instead of direct action to address eviction inequity. New study and recommendations for dealing with eviction in Baltimore
What are some of the tactics of direct action groups?
Occupying abandoned properties
Presenting demands as a group

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What's News?
February 6, 2016, Next City, Activists attack eviction    
Next City reports that UCLA is studying the emergence of social movements by focusing in on The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign. "The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, founded in 2009, has been tackling that problem by occupying foreclosed homes — asking neighbors’ permission first — taking them over, cleaning them up, refurbishing them if possible and then moving in a family in need of a home. The family pays no rent or mortgage. The campaign also prevents evictions, often by nonviolent force, with campaigners standing in front of houses to physically block evictions. Co-founder and chief organizer, Willie 'J.R.' Fleming (J.R. stands for 'Just Righteousness'), regularly accompanies families to court. Chicago didn’t have just a housing crisis,he told New York Times Magazine in 2013, it had a moral crisis."

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