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Emergency call systems

Many rental communities developed by HUD and USDA included emergency "pull cord" systems so tenants could alert neighbors and emergency personnel in case of an emergency in the home...

So here we are in the 21st century, many emergency alarm systems have worn out and tenants in assisted housing are older and more likely to have chronic diseases.

Tenants and housing providers need a 21st century solution; not replacement of old, dysfunctional solutions or worse...stagnation of defunct systems that tenants believe will help them.

Examples of systems
  • At Jobs Manor apartments in Newark the emergency pull cord activates a light in the mail room.  Hopefully a neighbor is picking up her/his mail, sees the light and investigates or calls 911.
  • At Walter Sellars Senior Housing in Xenia, Regina reports: We have the emergency button panel in lobby, if it goes off, we check on that person, if it goes on too long.

 HUD will offer new guidance to clarify owner's duty
HUD's new guidance permits owners to use new technology that meets the requirements of the basic rule (see below).  This means owners may adopt new technologies that carry out this HUD requirement.
(see memo attached to bottom of this page

Here's the HUD Requirement
100-2.20 Emergency Call Systems In projects containing 20 or more living units, each bathroom and o ne bed location in each living unit shall be furnished with one of the following emergency call systems: an emergency call system which registers a call (annunciator and alarm) at one or more central supervised locations, an intercommunicating telephone system connected to a switchboard which is monitored 24 hrs a day, or an emergency call system which sounds an alarm (not the fire alarm) in the immediate corridor and automatically actuates a visual signal in the corridor at the living unit entrance.

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Nov 7, 2014, 6:25 AM